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11/12/1964 12:00 - Adjust -5.00 - Julian day 2438712.21
07/03/2024 01:27 GMT - Julian day 2460494.56

Free Astrology Reports Online (1)MoonFree Astrology Reports Online (2)OppositionFree Astrology Reports Online (3)Mercury0°49'-309
Free Astrology Reports Online (4)VenusFree Astrology Reports Online (5)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (6)Sun0°57' 150
Free Astrology Reports Online (7)VenusFree Astrology Reports Online (8)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (9)Neptune1°44' 70
Free Astrology Reports Online (10)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (11)OppositionFree Astrology Reports Online (12)Sun2°55'-216
Free Astrology Reports Online (13)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (14)ConjunctionFree Astrology Reports Online (15)Jupiter3°41' 278
Free Astrology Reports Online (16)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (17)OppositionFree Astrology Reports Online (18)Neptune0°14'-156
Free Astrology Reports Online (19)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (20)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (21)Pluto1°27' 57
Free Astrology Reports Online (22)JupiterFree Astrology Reports Online (23)OppositionFree Astrology Reports Online (24)Mercury2°22'-192
Free Astrology Reports Online (25)SaturnFree Astrology Reports Online (26)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (27)Sun0°57' 123
Free Astrology Reports Online (28)SaturnFree Astrology Reports Online (29)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (30)Neptune1°44' 47
725 -873 -148

Transits of the Major Planets

The transits of the outer planets, in other words those furthest from the Sun, have the greatest influence and determine the most important events in life. The more distant a planet and the longer it takes on its path around the Sun, the more lasting are its effects. You might see these longer-term transits below for months.

The minor transits, with their rapid movement, only produce fleeting states of mind, or actions of less significance in everyday life. These will appear in your transit report below for a few days.

The information given below is not valid in isolation. One must also take into account the signs of the Zodiac and the houses where these aspects are found. The position of the planets and their aspects in the natal chart must also be taken into account.

The gift of foretelling by the stars requires a lot of work, but also a lot of tact and human feeling. Never make fatal predictions, as everyone can get things wrong.

-309 Opposition Moon - Mercury

Challenging brief aspect: Communications can be misunderstood. Possibly hurt feelings. Emotions are affecting decision-making, not necessarily in a good way.

278 Conjunction Mars - Jupiter

Positive short-term aspect: You are enthusiastic, frank, sincere, and upright. Your disposition is constructive. Business success is possible now, with good timing and a sharp sense for what people want. You may be attracted to sport and outdoor activities or competitions. Great vitality, activity.

-216 Opposition Mars - Sun

Challenging short-term aspect: You may be impulsive and bold, and, as a result of a lack of forethought, might encounter some problems during this brief transit.

For some, there may be a tendency to be aggressive, ambitious, or bossy if these tendencies are there, making it difficult for others to put up with you. You could have problems with your bosses or people in authority if you lack tact or prudence now.

You might have to put up with a jealous partner. You could more easily have temper tantrums, and might fly off the handle over petty things. Impatience and rushing could make you trip over yourself. You might be in a fighting mood and you could stand up for your rights more readily than usual, but beware of the tendency to be insensitive. Many people will not experience these extremes. Instead, this can be a time of increased activity and it can be difficult to be patient. Positively, you can use this time to gather up more courage to do something you've been wanting to do for some time since you are bolder than usual.

-192 Opposition Jupiter - Mercury

Challenging longer-term aspect: If you are now encountering some problems in your communications with others, it may be because you are not listening very well! Likewise, if your business dealings are frustrating at this time, it could be because you are not seeing the trees for the forest. Try not to gloss over critical details, and don't jump into anything without first considering the consequences. This may be an extremely busy time for you--the phone is ringing off the hook, you feel slightly behind in what you're doing, and you can be overwhelmed with all of the activity around you. With everything that is going on, it can be hard to keep track of everything and it's difficult to see things straight. You can be too optimistic about your chances of success and your ambitions are likely greater than your ability or means to carry them out. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver. You may well have problems if you enter into any commercial transactions in this period. It would be better to avoid starting something brand new on the professional or emotional front during these weeks.

-156 Opposition Mars - Neptune

Challenging short-term aspect: You may be under the power of very strong emotions, and if so, your actions could be unreasonable, irresponsible, or downright inexcusable. You might do foolish things that you later regret. You must be as prudent as possible in this period.

You may find that you are impatient with anything that feels ordinary, dull, too practical, or humdrum right now. You crave more glamor and drama in your life, and you might act on a whim without considering the practical consequences. Avoid taking foolish risks, but do try to remove yourself from the regular routine, or avoid scheduling important appointments or work if possible.

150 Trine Venus - Sun

Positive short term aspect: You are feeling especially attractive these days, and that feeling can bring good things to you. It's a good time for love affairs: you are in great form, and you come across as especially attractive. You can have the world at your feet right now as Venus illuminates your Sun sign personality traits and you project these traits in a most pleasing manner.

123 Trine Saturn - Sun

Positive long-term aspect: You feel more comfortable with who you are during this transit, and this attitude leads to many fundamental benefits. Because you have a more mature grasp of your own capabilities, you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. You're open to receiving grounded, practical advice. Your life seems more stable during this time period, and you seem to look at yourself with greater reason and realism. You are less vulnerable to self-delusions.

One of the major sources of stress and guilt in our lives stems from uncertainty--undue stress comes from overestimating our responsibilities and inevitably failing to meet them. Things nag at the back of our minds. However, this Saturn transit offers you a nice dose of realism. You see yourself, especially, more clearly and realistically. This transit tends to reduce the uncertainty, at the very least with regards to our capabilities, and offers a welcome reprieve from feelings of guilt and fear. At this time in your life, you know what your responsibilities are, and you meet them.

You are strong-willed, decisive, and persistent. Your sense of responsibility increases. You are rewarded for the work you have done thanks to your application and efficiency. Few or no major problems--life is quiet and without anything unforeseen, unless other major transits happening now strongly say otherwise. You can have a good job, you're loyal and honest and you are appreciated by your superiors for your qualities. This transit usually lasts several months.

70 Trine Venus - Neptune

Positive short-term aspect: You can feel in good humor without really knowing why. Even with nothing new in your life, a veil of happiness surrounds you anyhow. You feel the need for, or have an opportunity to, enjoy quiet pleasures. You could help out a loved one and feel great about it. A time to show compassion. Gentleness brings rewards and attracts the right things to you. A romantic or imaginative time.

57 Trine Mars - Pluto

Positive shorter-term aspect: This aspect lasts a few days. You have a stronger sense of purpose or your ambition increases. Changes you make now can be long-lasting and beneficial, so make them good ones! This can be a passionate time.

47 Trine Saturn - Neptune

Positive aspect: Your faith in yourself is stronger, and your convictions are reinforced. Some of your doubts leave you, and you are convinced of your opinions and ideas.

You are likely to feel calm with your spirit at peace. You enjoy quieter moments or solitude since you need to collect your thoughts. You may enjoy being near still water.

If this is a conjunction, however, you can experience some disillusionment now. You may be frustrated with those things within you that are irrational, such as your own fears, phobias, or anxieties, as you want to make sense of them. There can be resurfacing of old addictions, phobias, and negative habits to be dealt with. There can also be challenges to previously-held belief systems.

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Astrological transits are cyclical and should always be adapted sensibly to what's going on in your life and the world.

About the Transit Report

This report is designed to show and interpret transits that are within orb on a particular day at the time of day of your visit. The table reflects transits in effect at the specified time in GMT. Some influences come and go on the same day, while others can stick with you for days, months, and even years.

Why do values and orbs change for a particular day? This is because transits keep moving--they don't freeze from midnight one day to midnight the next. Some faster-moving planets, especially the Moon, move into or out of orb on the same day. The above transits are a snapshot at the current time of day.

What do the numbers next to the transit names mean?

The column entitled "Worth" assigns a positive or negative value to each transit. These numbers also appear next to the transit interpretations and are part of a weighting system designed to quantify the relative strength of an aspect. The larger the number, the stronger we expect that transit to be.

With this weighting system, a positive value/worth is considered harmonious, and a negative value is considered challenging. Factors that determine the Worth value are the nature of the planets, aspects, and the orb of influence.

For example, a weight (or worth) of 35 suggests the transit is a harmonious influence of moderate strength. A weight of 420 indicates the transit is quite strong and harmonious. If you see a worth of -10, the transit is relatively weak and disharmonious.

On the other hand, "Orb" values are the exact distance in degrees away from a transit's exactitude. The larger the orb value, the weaker an aspect is. Put another way, the larger the orb value, the greater the distance an aspect is from being exact. An orb of 0°00' is exact, and an aspect with an orb of less than 1 degree (that is, from 0°00' to 0°59') is considered strong. Thus the smaller the orb value, the stronger and more influential the aspect is.

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