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11/03/2005 06:30 - Adjust 5.50 - Julian day 2453677.54
04/03/2024 13:37 GMT - Julian day 2460404.07

Free Astrology Reports Online (1)SunFree Astrology Reports Online (2)SextileFree Astrology Reports Online (3)Neptune0°34' 213
Free Astrology Reports Online (4)SunFree Astrology Reports Online (5)ConjunctionFree Astrology Reports Online (6)N Node0°51' 329
Free Astrology Reports Online (7)MoonFree Astrology Reports Online (8)SquareFree Astrology Reports Online (9)Jupiter0°52'-120
Free Astrology Reports Online (10)MercuryFree Astrology Reports Online (11)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (12)Venus0°39' 138
Free Astrology Reports Online (13)VenusFree Astrology Reports Online (14)SquareFree Astrology Reports Online (15)Venus0°19'-132
Free Astrology Reports Online (16)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (17)TrineFree Astrology Reports Online (18)Sun1°41' 126
Free Astrology Reports Online (19)MarsFree Astrology Reports Online (20)ConjunctionFree Astrology Reports Online (21)Uranus2°07' 284
Free Astrology Reports Online (22)JupiterFree Astrology Reports Online (23)ConjunctionFree Astrology Reports Online (24)Mars1°23' 379
Free Astrology Reports Online (25)UranusFree Astrology Reports Online (26)OppositionFree Astrology Reports Online (27)Moon1°50'-191
Free Astrology Reports Online (28)UranusFree Astrology Reports Online (29)SquareFree Astrology Reports Online (30)Lilith0°00' -30
Free Astrology Reports Online (31)NeptuneFree Astrology Reports Online (32)SquareFree Astrology Reports Online (33)Venus0°19' -85
Free Astrology Reports Online (34)PlutoFree Astrology Reports Online (35)SquareFree Astrology Reports Online (36)Jupiter0°19' -57
1469 -615 854

Transits of the Major Planets

The transits of the outer planets, in other words those furthest from the Sun, have the greatest influence and determine the most important events in life. The more distant a planet and the longer it takes on its path around the Sun, the more lasting are its effects. You might see these longer-term transits below for months.

The minor transits, with their rapid movement, only produce fleeting states of mind, or actions of less significance in everyday life. These will appear in your transit report below for a few days.

The information given below is not valid in isolation. One must also take into account the signs of the Zodiac and the houses where these aspects are found. The position of the planets and their aspects in the natal chart must also be taken into account.

The gift of foretelling by the stars requires a lot of work, but also a lot of tact and human feeling. Never make fatal predictions, as everyone can get things wrong.

379 Conjunction Jupiter - Mars

Positive longer-term aspect: This is generally a good time for energy and vitality. You appreciate the physical world and you want to move more freely. You tend to be in good form, more vigorous, feeling quite powerful and effective, and especially resistant and dynamic. This is not the time for idling or dreaming away your days - you prefer to take some action now, and your enterprising skills are stronger than usual. You attract success more easily now--your attitude is that you can do what you set out to do, and then some!

If some level of moderation is employed at this time, this is an excellent period for gathering the courage to start something new. Taking up a new physical activity is a possibility for some. You may attract people who symbolize strength or courage to you, and/or you may develop your own confidence and courage at this time. You are inclined to do things in big ways, and your libido can increase. Positive thinking works very much in your favor. You expect to win, and this attitude can go a long way towards getting what you want.

284 Conjunction Mars - Uranus

Flowing short-term aspect: You feel in top form and able to take the initiative. You feel the desire or need to be much more independent than usual. You can have lots of great ideas that you put into practice. Your desires are unusual and insistent, and you are in the mood to do something different. A good time to go with your hunches if other transits agree.

213 Sextile Sun - Neptune

Positive short-term aspect: A good time to connect with your dreams, spirit, imagination, and idealism. You are clearer about your dreams or focused on them, and you are seeking and probably finding some inspiration today.

-191 Opposition Uranus - Moon

Challenging longer-term aspect: There can be big changes in your life, which may, at first, feel unwelcome or sudden. You are inclined to be on edge, exasperated, or beside yourself. You may also exasperate your personal circle with your impatience and edginess!

On the work front, things may not be going as expected. In your emotional life, there can be some conflicts. A partnership may be strained. The emotional war that is taking place within you can take its toll on those close to you.

Separations can suddenly occur from emotional bonds. In some cases, there can be temporary removal or separations from the home or neighborhood. If removals are permanent, they allow you the freedom of being on your own. Divorces and incidents of romantic disappointments and failure are possible now, and if they do occur, it's important to find a release for the pent-up energy you may be carrying around with you. Aim to be prepared, wide awake, and alert, and watch for temper tantrums.

You may not care (at this time) about anything but being free, no matter what form it takes, and the people around you may see severe mood changes in you. It is probably wise to avoid large purchases, as something can be here today and gone tomorrow or uninteresting later. Those things that have happened in the past can pop up and bring some very unpredictable emotional explosions now, and secret unfulfilled desires are awakened for your attention. In romance and partnership, there can be disruptions.

Elements in your life that have become rote, boring, stale, and unsupportive of your growth are now hard to take. You want to feel alive, but you may not know how to achieve this without some time taken for reflection.

Strategies: You may need more private space or room to explore your newly awakened feelings. Remind yourself of who and what you love, and ground yourself with earthy activities. Treat yourself with care.

138 Trine Mercury - Venus

Positive short-term aspect: This can be a time for an amorous adventure or travel to see your heart's choice. This transit can put you in a good mood. Keep things light today. Express your affection, and focus on harmony.

-132 Square Venus - Venus

Challenging short-term aspect: There can be a dead calm as far as love is concerned right now. Alternatively, differences in values and styles of expression can be irritating in social and love relationships. Some laziness with work. You can be self-indulgent, going overboard with food, drink, shopping, and other pleasures. This discontent should pass soon.

126 Trine Mars - Sun

Positive aspect: A period when you may be in top physical shape. From a mental point of view, thanks to your physical form, you can be full of go, confidence, and ready to do a thousand things. You may be full of bravado, courageous, determined, and bubbly. You have more confidence in your ability to get things done, and you are not inclined to stop long enough to doubt yourself.

You should harness this energy and take advantage of this time to tackle projects or problems. Difficulties can disappear - things that previously stumped you might now seem obvious to you. Things are more black and white.

During this period that typically lasts a few days, you are more likely to succeed in what you take on and you're inclined to finish all your jobs. Very good time to enter a competition, whether for sport or business. Some of you might begin a love affair now.

-120 Square Moon - Jupiter

Challenging brief aspect: Something can be misunderstood or misconstrued, making it less than ideal for promotion or important conversations. There can be some overestimation or overreaching in the hours of this brief transit. Discontent. Try not to borrow from your future.

-85 Square Neptune - Venus

Challenging aspect: During this transit, you may lose some taste for work, which might now feel like sheer drudgery. You are longing for something more. You might be attracted to a secret affair which can complicate life. You could fall in love with someone who bewitches you and you might lose some of your common sense and critical faculties. It can be a time of drinking in that person's every word with full admiration, and accepting no criticism from your circle about this relationship. You can become angry with your best friends for love of this person. Your intrigues can arouse the suspicions of a partner.

You might feel especially longing for romantic love but not know what to do with your feelings, or feel unable to attain it. You are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus at this time, as your love or pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. You are opening up your heart, which can also mean you are more vulnerable to romantic illusions, to being swayed, and perhaps misled. You are easily charmed, and you must watch for a tendency to see what you want to see in romantic partners, rather than for who or what they are. You may gloss over important details and practical concerns in favor of idealistic visions and perceptions.

Your desires are tender and compassionate. You are responsive to all things pleasurable, possibly to the point of carelessness or laziness when it comes to tending to practical affairs. Finances can suffer under this transit if you have a tendency to live on credit. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with finances, but also with emotional matters, telling yourself that you will live only for the moment without concern for consequences. For example, you might throw yourself into a new romance that others warn you is not realistic. Force yourself to consider practical matters, even if you are resistant to this process, while opening your heart to new possibilities. And, while opening your heart to new possibilities, be sure to use some common sense.

Sometimes this transit makes us so vulnerable that we can too easily be taken advantage of or deceived, and this can happen with money or in love, and sometimes both. There can be a lot of sadness as this transit can stimulate a deep yearning for something more than "just ordinary" life. We might attract challenging situations or relationships into our lives because of a deep longing for more drama or glamor in our lives, or for a soulmate connection. This transit can also do a number on your value system. The values you've cherished to date may change quite dramatically now, or you might be tempted to throw them away, or bend your morals, in pursuit of some pleasure or fantasy.

If this aspect is the opposition, you might feel challenged by others on the level of values, love, or finances. You may feel distraught, lonely, or misunderstood by others as you seek something more from your life. You may be overlooking important details with money, and neglect of material concerns could impact your life now. It's not the best time to lend out money, to sweep material concerns under the carpet, to buy on credit, or to avoid paying attention to bank/tax matters. When it comes to matters of the heart, the things you yearn for may not be mirrored in your experiences or romantic partner. While giving your heart to someone may feel wonderful and it might lead to a wonderful experience, it might also end up being a big learning experience if you are not also considering practical and realistic matters. Self-deception is perhaps your greatest enemy now.

-57 Square Pluto - Jupiter

Challenging longer-term aspect: This is a fork in the road transit that lasts several months. It's a transit that can weave in and out of your life over the course of a year or more. You may be tempted to live beyond your means, needing --or feeling that you need--things that cost you dearly. You want to improve your life, but do watch for putting yourself into doubtful situations or attempting big shortcuts. Risks are unlikely to pan out well during this period. However, it is at time to consider making changes--it's just better to avoid going to extremes as you improve your lot in life.

-30 Square Uranus - Lilith

Challenging aspect: Independence is imposed by Uranus at this time. You feel a strong desire to be free, but it can seem impossible to attain. If you hold yourself back or freeze up for fear of change, you can feel off, uncomfortable, and perhaps quite ill at ease or torn up inside. This is a time for finding yourself--let yourself change a little at a time instead of abruptly, launching out sometimes on your own. If you resist small changes, you may fill up with frustration, one day to bursting, and you may end up making too abrupt changes or initiate breakups prematurely. You may think making sweeping changes is the only solution to current problems. More likely, small steps will work better.

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Astrological transits are cyclical and should always be adapted sensibly to what's going on in your life and the world.

About the Transit Report

This report is designed to show and interpret transits that are within orb on a particular day at the time of day of your visit. The table reflects transits in effect at the specified time in GMT. Some influences come and go on the same day, while others can stick with you for days, months, and even years.

Why do values and orbs change for a particular day? This is because transits keep moving--they don't freeze from midnight one day to midnight the next. Some faster-moving planets, especially the Moon, move into or out of orb on the same day. The above transits are a snapshot at the current time of day.

What do the numbers next to the transit names mean?

The column entitled "Worth" assigns a positive or negative value to each transit. These numbers also appear next to the transit interpretations and are part of a weighting system designed to quantify the relative strength of an aspect. The larger the number, the stronger we expect that transit to be.

With this weighting system, a positive value/worth is considered harmonious, and a negative value is considered challenging. Factors that determine the Worth value are the nature of the planets, aspects, and the orb of influence.

For example, a weight (or worth) of 35 suggests the transit is a harmonious influence of moderate strength. A weight of 420 indicates the transit is quite strong and harmonious. If you see a worth of -10, the transit is relatively weak and disharmonious.

On the other hand, "Orb" values are the exact distance in degrees away from a transit's exactitude. The larger the orb value, the weaker an aspect is. Put another way, the larger the orb value, the greater the distance an aspect is from being exact. An orb of 0°00' is exact, and an aspect with an orb of less than 1 degree (that is, from 0°00' to 0°59') is considered strong. Thus the smaller the orb value, the stronger and more influential the aspect is.

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