11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (2024)

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We all want to work effortlessly and require every task to be done in a single click. The same applies to the Outlook email client as it is an integral part of professional/personal life, and we need the instant reflection of inputs. But, things are more complex than they seem; in many scenarios, users even face issues with the Outlook password. Outlook keeps asking for a password, which is very annoying for any user.

It happens when Outlook gets stuck in the password prompt loop, and due to this, Outlook users face a lot of issues. It is a very frustrating thing as you need to enter your Outlook password time and again.

If you are the one who is also facing the issue that Outlook keeps asking for the password, then you have landed on the right post. Here, we will learn about this issue’s causes and the resolution of this infuriating error.

Why Outlook Keeps Asking for Password?

There is no single cause behind this issue; multiple reasons may lead to this annoying error. Some of them are:

  • It may be because of the security apps that prevent Outlook’s normal functioning.
  • Due to improper login settings, you may face the continuous error “Enter Network Password.”
  • After changing and updating the new Outlook password, if Outlook fails to update the password in its server, you may also encounter Outlook asking for password issues.
  • Users have also noticed that Enabling MFA has led to this frequent asking for passwords.
  • Server issue is a common reason behind this, as it leads to synchronization error between email client and server.

How to Resolve Frequent Asking of Outlook Password?

There are multiple workarounds available below that can fix this. Outlook keeps asking for password issues. Must give all a try to described checks to resolve it:

1. Start with the primary step of cancelling the password prompt. With this, just a single click may resolve your issue.

2. Reinstall Outlook: Reinstalling any application resolves issues in most cases if there is some minor error due to wrong synchronization and basic compatibility issues. So the same applies to Outlook; hence, reinstalling Outlook is recommended.

3. Resolve Network Issue

If you are facing a bad network issue, it is easy to understand that the connection with the server is interrupted.A stable connection is required to log in; otherwise, Outlook keeps asking for a password.

4. Start Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.
  • Enter the command: outlook.exe/safe.
  • Now, in the Choose Profile box, click OK with the default Outlook option.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (1)

  • Outlook will start in safe mode.

5. Update Outlook to the Latest Version

Using an updated and latest version is a must, and Outlook is no exception. Hence, if you are using an old version then you must upgrade Outlook to its latest version.

6. Change Your Settings:

Changing your settings is also a wise decision to check if the issue persists in settings. Follow the steps to modify your settings:

  • Open the Outlook >> File tab >> Info >>Account Settings >> Account Settings

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (2)

  • Here, select your Outlook account and click on the Change option.
  • You must check the “Remember Password” setting is enabled. Then click “More Settings…”
  • Click the “Security” tab and uncheck the “Always prompt for logon credentials” box.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (3)

  • Click OK to save the changes for the future.

7. Remove the Password from the Credential Manager (Cached Password)

  • First, close the Outlook application.
  • Now open the Control Panel just by simply searching.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (4)

  • Click on the Credential Manager and navigate to the Outlook credentials.
  • Expand the Outlook Credential by clicking on it and then clicking Remove.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (5)

It is how you can remove the cached Outlook password, if any.

8. Disable Antivirus and Firewall

We have often noticed that enabled antiviruses and firewalls sometimes crash with Outlook’s functioning. So, it is an excellent decision to disable them for a while to check if Outlook keeps asking for password issues caused by them.

9. Take Action on Shared Calendars

Professionals have also noticed that due to the shared calendars, Outlook credentials also get affected. Hence, if you have shared calendars, then try to uncheck or deselect them.

10. Create a New Outlook Profile

Sometimes, Outlook Profile also gets corrupted and causes random issues. So, let’s create a new Outlook profile to fix this frequent asking Outlook issue.

  • Open the Control Panel and click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook).

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (6)

  • Select the third option of Profiles and click on Show Profile.
  • Now, click the Add button to create and add a new profile.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (7)

  • Name the new profile and click OK.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (8)

  • Set up an email account by providing your email account credentials and clicking on Next.
  • Select “Prompt for a file to be used” and click OK.

Your new Outlook Profile has been created and added to your Outlook account—Restart Outlook to check if the problem persists or is resolved.

11. Use Registry Editor to Tweak

If you are having an issue with your Outlook account, then modifying the registry can also be an effective solution in some cases if the problem is due to that. It is effective for Office 365 Outlook, and the below steps are primarily for Windows 10 users (not much difference in other Windows OS). Follow the below steps to use the registry editor for the same:

  • From the Taskbar, open the Registry Editor.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (9)

  • Find the location:


11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (10)

  • Make a click on the right pane.
  • Choose “New” >> DWORD value(32-bit).

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (11)

  • In the Value data field, keep the value 1 and value name “ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint”.
  • Now, close the registry and restart your system.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (12)

Final Words:

After applying the above-given workarounds, the issue of Outlook asking for a password should be resolved. But one practical problem is when your Outlook PST files get corrupted, and this issue reaches its zenith when the PST file is password protected and becomes inaccessible. The issue is that Outlook keeps asking for the password, which may frustrate anyone.

To deal with the issue, you need a professional tool and to ease the user’s work, Regain Software has developed an advanced utility for the same called Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool. This tool recovers data from all kinds of corrupted PST files even encrypted ones. A free demo version of this tool is also available that you can easily download and try to get satisfied with the tool before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. Why does Outlook keep asking for the password even if I have entered and saved the password?

Ans. There could be multiple reasons behind the time and again prompting of Outlook for passwords. A list of the causes and resolution has been listed in this write-up. Try to resolve the issue for the best handling of Outlook email clients.

Q 2. Should I keep the “Always prompt for logon credentials” box checked or unchecked?

Ans. You should keep unchecked ‘Always prompt for logon credentials’. If it is checked then it may cause frequent prompting of Outlook for a password.

Q 3. Is it possible that Outlook Profile also leads to issues like frequent asking for passwords in Outlook?

Ans. Outlook profile also gets corrupted. Hence it may also lead to issues in Outlook and frequent asking for passwords in Outlook email clients is no exception.

Q 4. Does Regain’s Outlook Recovery Tool also work on password-protected Outlook PST files?

Ans. Yes, the Regain Outlook Recovery Tool works on the encrypted PST files. You can easily add and recover password-protected .pst files.

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11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (13)

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Now, let's dissect the information provided in the article:

  1. Outlook Password Issues: The article addresses a common problem faced by Outlook users—repeated prompts for password entry. This issue can be attributed to various factors, and the author outlines multiple causes for the problem.

  2. Causes of the Issue:

    • Security Apps: Some security applications may hinder Outlook's normal functioning, leading to password prompts.
    • Improper Login Settings: Incorrect login settings can result in continuous password prompts.
    • Password Update Issues: After changing the Outlook password, failure to update it on the server may cause password-related problems.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enabling MFA has been observed to contribute to frequent password prompts.
    • Server Synchronization: Issues with server synchronization can lead to Outlook repeatedly asking for a password.
  3. Resolving the Issue: The article provides a comprehensive list of potential solutions to address the problem of Outlook repeatedly asking for a password. These include:

    • Cancel Password Prompt: Attempt to resolve the issue with a single click by canceling the password prompt.
    • Reinstall Outlook: Reinstalling Outlook is recommended to address minor errors and compatibility issues.
    • Network Troubleshooting: Resolve network issues that may cause interruptions in server connections.
    • Start Outlook in Safe Mode: Launch Outlook in safe mode to troubleshoot issues with third-party add-ins.
    • Update Outlook: Ensure the use of the latest version of Outlook to benefit from bug fixes and improvements.
    • Change Settings: Modify Outlook settings, such as enabling "Remember Password" and adjusting security settings.
    • Credential Manager: Remove cached Outlook passwords from the Credential Manager.
    • Disable Antivirus and Firewall: Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall to check for compatibility issues.
    • Shared Calendars: Uncheck or deselect shared calendars as they may affect Outlook credentials.
    • Create a New Outlook Profile: Address profile corruption by creating a new Outlook profile.
    • Registry Editor Tweaks: Modify the registry using the Registry Editor to resolve specific issues.
  4. Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool: The article concludes by introducing a professional tool, the Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool, developed by Regain Software. This tool is designed to recover data from corrupted PST files, including encrypted ones. A free demo version is available for users to try before purchasing.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The author anticipates potential questions from readers and provides concise answers, further enhancing the informative nature of the article.

In summary, the article offers a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting and resolving the common issue of Outlook repeatedly asking for a password, showcasing the author's expertise in the field of email technologies.

11 Ways to Resolve Outlook Keeps Asking for Password Issue (2024)


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